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How It Works

Fortifying your code base

Right now, every fortune 500 company pulls in Open Source code for two main reasons:
  1. According to a recent survey (opens in new window), Open Source is overwhelmingly better than proprietary solutions.
  2. Open Source is overwhelmingly cheaper than building a proprietary solution

This is fantastic, and goes to show just how impactful the concept of open source software is. The ability for anyone, anywhere in the world, to build a building block and publish it is truly remarkable. That building block can then be used, no strings attached, to build any desired system.

Of course, this comes with the risk of relying on code not internally maintained. The risk is exasperated by the fact that the maintainers maintaining the external code are nine times out of ten working for free.

If, at any point in a companies internal operations a team was a linch pin of success and had a risk of folding, the company would hire another engineer or give the current engineers raises to ensure the future viability of the company as a whole.

That's why at Flossbank we recommend donating one full engineers salary back to the Open Source code you as a company rely on. This ensures the code is not only well maintained, but will continue improving in the background. Not only that, but enable the birth of the next 10 Open Source packages that could take your company to the next level.

Flossbank distributes the monthly donation down the entire dependency tree of Ruby and Javascript (more language support coming soon) Open Source packages you rely on, meaning every aspect of the code you rely on is supported with one easy monthly donation.

No maintenance, no questions asked, know that the code you use is supported, just as you'd want it to be supported if it were an internal team working on business critical operations.

In addition to knowing your code base is fortified, we give you a badge to show the world that you support open source. You'd be surprised how many talented engineers will come knocking to work at your company if you acknowledge the value of Open Source.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to find out more.

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