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Support what sustains you

Directly impact your business by supporting the Open Source authors and maintainers serving as the backbone of your code base.

Why Flossbank

  • Fortify your code base

    Your company relies on the maintenance and integrity of Open Source. Make sure the maintainers have the resources needed to not only maintain, but improve the code your company relies on.

  • Easy

    Set up a monthly donation that can be cancelled at any time in less than 1 minute.

  • Build your brand

    Based on your donation amount, you will receive a Flossbank badge to show that you value the work open source maintainers provide.

  • Equitable

    Flossbank compensates every open source dependency you have, not just those with name recognition.

How it works

Participating Companies









Flossbank badges

Display your dedication

Flossbank badges are the perfect way to show your continued support of open source authors and maintainers on your website, Glassdoor, and social media. With participation, you are free to use the Flossbank trademarks appropriate for you in any promotional activities or events.

Show stakeholders and employees that you not only care about them but the countless others on which you rely.

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