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Bugs or feature requests?

Please visit our GitHub (opens in new window) page and file a bug or feature request!

Who does my donation go to?

Your donation is distributed to each package your organization uses. The list is retrieved fresh from your GitHub each month, meaning your donation is never going to packages your organization has stopped using.

What do the recipients do with our donation?

The package maintainers and authors can do whatever they'd like with the money! Just as you pay an employee and don't dictate how they use the funds, this is how we view paying the Open Source maintainers you rely on. As with any infusion of capital, progress is inevitible.

Can I cancel my donation at any time?

Of course. Be sure to remove your badge from display however, as your badge links to your public profile on Flossbank, so if you keep your badge displayed and viewers click on it, they might see your profile has no donation and yet you display your badge, doing more damage to your brand than good.

What data do you collect?

None. We simply faciliate payments to Open Source maintainers and authors with the underlying motivation being Open Source development begets technological progress. We don't store anything about your organization except your donation info.

Can I ask maintainers for a deliverable, such as a blog post?

No, maintaing Open Source software is a job enough, and by not demanding more deliverables the code you depend on will actually be better off. You wouldn't ask your lead data science engineer to write a blog post because they have more important priorities. For the same reason, we don't facilitate asking or expecting Open Source maintainers to do anything more than to continue building.

I still have a question

Contact us and we'll address it ASAP!

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